The tourist boat with 24 passengers will disappear after the emergency announcement

After losing contact with the ship, the Japanese coastal authorities sent five patrol boats and two helicopters into the area. So far, no trace of the ship or passengers has been found.

A Japanese tourist boat carrying 24 passengers, two of them minors, disappeared after a distress call.

Japanese maritime authorities are trying to locate 26 people (in addition to passengers, a captain and a member of the crew) on board a ship reportedly sunk on the northern island of Hokkaido on the Shiretok Peninsula.

The ship’s crew, Kazu 1, contacted the Coast Guard at about 1:15 p.m. local time (5:15 a.m. in Lisbon) and asked for help because the ship’s bow was flooded and sinking, according to a television network. public NHK.

When the connection to the ship was cut off, the coastal authorities sent five patrol boats and two helicopters to the area.

The Japanese television channel NHK broadcast live images of the helicopter from the search until the night, but so far no trace has been found of the ship or the passengers who, according to the latest communication, were wearing life jackets. .

According to the company, which operates a boat for 65 people, Kazu 1 was to leave the port of Utorohigashi in the city of Shari at 10 a.m. and sail through the Shiretoko Peninsula, where it will be sightseeing. and then returns at one o’clock.

The waters in the area were harsh this morning and the boats set out to fish gathered their nets and returned to port at noon, members of the Utoro fishing cooperative told NHK.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency had today warned of a hard sea area and strong waves that could be as high as three or four meters in the waters off East Hokkaido, where the Shiretoco Peninsula is located.

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