These are the government’s estimates of next week’s fuel prices – Atualidade

“The ISP’s temporary rebate will remain unchanged next week, at 4.7 cents per liter for diesel and 3.7 cents per liter for gasoline,” the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

“According to market data, the price of diesel should rise by six cents per liter and that of gasoline by two cents per liter,” the authority explained.

According to the government, “according to the ISP’s weekly review mechanism of unit price values, this price development would determine the ISP’s decline by 0.9 cents per liter of diesel and 0.3 cents per liter of gasoline”.

However, he adds, “there are currently two cents per liter of ISP and 0.8 cents per liter of ISP on the ISP” and therefore “the discounts resulting from the application of the formula will be discounted from the accumulated deviations, so there will be no change in ISP prices next week” , he stressed.

He therefore stated that “the government will decide by a decree published today to maintain the ISP’s temporary rebate of 4.7 cents per liter of diesel and 3.7 cents per liter of gasoline.”

It will be recalled that in order to mitigate the increase in fuel prices, the government decided to set up a compensation mechanism to adjust the tax rates of ISPs in line with the increase in VAT revenue due to the increase in the sales price per liter of diesel. and gasoline.

This adjustment is made weekly and is added to the reduction in force from October, which is one cent per liter of diesel and two cents on petrol.

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