USB-C charges everything! Apple is already shaking

What is the pattern? According to the dictionary, it is a reference base or an official measure of something. In the world of technology, it is also more or less this that serves as a reference for equipping a part of an electronic device, as is always the case with a necessary charge.

This is why most current electronic devices have a USB-C port for downloading or transferring files. Well… Mostly because Apple continues to bet on its iPhone’s always lucrative Lightning connector.

But finally, this type of cable has its days read. After all, the European Committee on Consumer Protection has already decided to introduce the USB-C standard for charging in Europe, but all that is missing is a vote in the European Parliament (which should take place in May) on everything to become official.

USB-C charges everything! Apple is already shaking

The original idea of ​​a USB-C cable has always been very simple… One cable controls all cables! The USB-C is capable of file transfer, very fast download and of course even UHD image streaming.

Unfortunately, not all USB-C cables are made the same and do not have the same features. Which ends up limiting the standard a bit and thus its adoption. But calm down! That the European Parliament is trying to rectify the situation in order to regulate the market a little and, of course, to put an end to technological waste. Something that makes sense to Apple, which has so far sharply refused to switch the Lightning input to a USB-C input.

Apple shakes but doesn’t fall

The reason why Apple doesn’t want to change connectors is very simple. The old Lightning entry makes money on wheels from year to year. Either by selling cables and / or accessories directly or by selling Apple’s proprietary rights.

Even if things change and Apple is forced to change the way it does things, the truth is that nothing happens right away. After all, the measure, even if adopted, will not take place until 2024, and even then we will have a transition period of 1 or 2 years. By 2025/2026, a lot can happen.

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