WhatsApp has a new feature for group calling

WhatsApp now allows up to 32 participants to join group voice calls. This is another step toward the features of the WhatsApp community. Let me remind you that WhatsApp last raised the threshold for group calls in 2020. Other features under development or beta testing include a new perspective on subtitles when downloading multimedia content, the ability to include more recipients in the conversation, a redesigned location label. , the ability to save missing messages, more emoticons for the message response, and advanced settings to manage your privacy settings.

WhatsApp has a new feature for group calling

Users can now add up to 32 participants during WhatsApp voice calls, as shown in the list of changes in the App Store and on the Android and iPhone FAQs on the WhatsApp website. In order to use the latest features, users need to upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp on their devices, i.e. v22.8.80 on iPhone and v222.9.73 on Android.

According to the WhatsApp v22.8.80 change list on the App Store for iPhone, there are also some visual changes in the group voice call update. Minutiae. At the same time, the list of changes has also been updated with the appearance of voice message bubbles and contact and group information screens, as well as other small improvements. That is, all good reasons to upgrade.

On the other side of the barricade, however, one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors, Telegram, has no restrictions on the number of participants in a group call.

However, not all is good news. At least for some. That is, WhatsApp has a feature where you may need to start paying. Needless to say, this can have a very negative impact on the use of this platform.

WhatsApp: There are times when you need to start paying!

In principle, this rule does not apply to everyone. However, people using Enterprise Edition so far don’t seem to be able to escape this. Meta already has a version dedicated to this area that includes more features and tools that are important to businesses. However, it still does not charge users for these services. However, this may change in a future update. According to new information, WhatsApp Business may prepare a subscription service for anyone who wants to connect more than four devices to a single account. This feature found on the WABetaInfo website is still under development, but some things are already known.

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For example, at this point, anyone who connects more than four devices to WhatsApp may have to pay. This is for one account. In fact, this is the reason why this company is already working on a new display for connected devices. However, the data are still unclear.

The WABetaInfo website only reveals hints about a possible subscription service. It does not share information about prices, availability, or other unique features that it may include.

One thing is right. If this works and, above all, starts to pay off, it is very likely that other platforms will adopt the same system and even extend it to regular users. For example, if you have more than two devices, start paying. Is it going to go ahead, only time will tell.

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