10 temporarily free apps and games for Android from the Play Store

The Google Play Store is the best app store for any Android device. There, you’ll find a huge selection of apps and games, and sometimes opportunities to install apps that are usually paid.

Today we bring a new range of apps and games to suit this scenario. Its free is temporary, so don’t waste time installing the most attractive ones on your Android smartphone or tablet.

In fact, we have some common auxiliary applications to help you with some tasks. In addition, we have lots of games to entertain our readers in more boring moments.

Apps now free for Android

The proposals we present today include a document scanner for Android, a world clock, or even new animations to recharge your smartphone battery. For those with a Wear OS smartwatch, we also recommend the new dial.

Games now free for Android

The first suggestion we leave to you is aimed at the little ones. It is a game for children that is completely free of microtransactions that take place within the game.

We also have some games that are a little more advanced, from puzzle games, role-playing games and even an amusement park simulator. In all cases, they are temporarily free for any Android device.

Once some of these apps or games are installed on your smartphone or tablet, they will be yours forever. Therefore, you can install them now and enjoy them in the future for free.

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