Agents are asking to cooperate in the investigation to combat dengue epidemics

To help combat dengue fever in São Bento do Sul, the Ministry of Health’s endemic pathogens regularly inspect homes and businesses in the Boehmerwald region, where the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are most prevalent in the municipality. In this case, the entire sweeping is performed and the mosquito reproduction residues are removed.

According to Agent Cleide Adriana Dias, in many cases, the public does not meet with professionals to conduct an inspection. “We are asking the residents of the neighborhood to work together to get into the houses and also the industry, we are just doing our job and preventing the mosquito from growing further,” he emphasizes.

Agents are always identified with vests bearing City Hall and Health Agency emblems in addition to the badges. In case of doubt, the population can contact the health center by phone 3635-2228. There are currently 59 Aedes aegypti mosquito epidemics in the municipality, 16 of which are in the Boehmerwald neighborhood.

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