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Because our priority is the quality of the information we receive from our readers, we selected articles published last week that reflect the most important things that were said in the technological and scientific world of Pplware.

We thoroughly tested the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, talked about the advancement in cancer science, the new Ryzen PRO 6000 for laptops, and more.


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17 years ago the world was different. In 2005, the planet’s goals were more restrained, globalization took over television, and Portugal’s “high-speed” internet continued to try to win over audiences. Today, after a pandemic and war, when we take a closer look at the universe, the world is more technical, but much less tolerant!

On this 17th anniversary, congratulations to all of us, readers, partners, friends and staff. A few more will come!

We often hear that the radiation emitted by cell phones is so harmful that it can lead to brain tumors. In light of these sayings, scholars have focused their attention on this issue to understand whether it has been confirmed or not.

The new study provided more answers and confirmed what had already been observed in previous studies.


Samsung has an alliance between the S-line and the Note-line in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. As the high-end smartphone market evolves toward foldable versions, it is natural that changes will have to be made, especially in Samsung, the segment’s leader.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra then an evolution necessary? After the testing period, we have some observations to make.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Necessary Development?

AMD is one of the fastest growing hardware companies in the world of technology. Its rise has been made solidly and safely by bringing several new products to the market.

In this sense, the manufacturer has just introduced the new Ryzen PRO 6000 processors for professional laptops.

Starlink promises to provide a global Internet network that is available worldwide. The question Delta Airlines intends to answer focuses on the ability of the satellite constellation to provide Wi-Fi access during the flight.

Today, not all companies guarantee this access.

Delta Airlines

The road has been long and, despite progress, there is still no solution for various cancers. However, the new technology was able to successfully remove 75% of tumors with ultrasound.

The new treatment is currently being tested in liver cancer research in the United States and Europe.

liver tumor

One of the most anticipated games of early 2022 was LEGO STAR WARS The Skywalker Saga. It is the return of an alliance between the two brands that was previously missed.

This time, however, the game is not based on any particular episode, but on its entire STAR WARS, everything related to it.

We have already studied the galaxy.

The technological world is evolving before our eyes. And if until recently there was talk of a novelty in 3 nm lithography, then today this manufacturing process is already part of the news. But the big news now is 2nm lithography.

In this way and as expected, the Taiwanese TSMC goes several steps ahead of its competitors. And according to the latest data, Apple and Intel will be the first to get a new 2-nanometer manufacturing process.

The Large Hadron Collider, CERN's particle accelerator, is operational again after a three-year outage.

With the restart of this “machine,” physicists, despite many of the challenges posed by restarting a particle accelerator, are confident of bringing new discoveries, especially into dark matter.

CERN's particle accelerator will restart after a three-year outage

Foldable smartphones are still the attraction of smartphone manufacturers, and there seems to be little doubt that they are the preferred machines for high-purchasing consumers. Samsung is the leader, but there are suggestions from other manufacturers like Huawei, OPPO and even Xiaomi.

The successor to Huawei Mate Xs will arrive two years later, and the date has already been set.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 - A new folding is coming

The possibility of Google bringing the watch to market has been talked about for several years. This is certainly all the features that the research giant thinks are necessary, and it takes full advantage of current technology.

It will take a while for this new smartwatch to materialize, but now Google seems to have taken another important step. A new step was taken and it proved to be one of the expected confirmations and it confirms that the Pixel Watch will be a reality.

Pixel Watch Google Wear OS smartwatch

The European Union (EU) yesterday agreed on a new law on digital services, which obliges online platforms to regulate content and make algorithms more transparent, which risks paying millions of fines.

Find out everything that was decided and some of the responsibilities of the technology giants.

New Digital Services Act!  There is news and heavy fines ...

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