Apple begins the repair process for the Apple Watch Series 6

Apple has revealed that it is creating a new free fix for some of its devices. The fault affects the Apple Watch Series 6, namely their display, which can make the device completely unusable.

Reports of the 400 mm version of the device have begun to appear and will affect all models manufactured in April-September 2021. Currently, the program is limited to some countries, such as the United States and China, as well as devices for sale. in these countries during that period.

Users can quickly check to see if they have suffered from their devices through their SN number, which can be placed on Apple’s website for confirmation. If it is one of the drives affected, users can start the process to repair their drive for free.

Apple has not yet confirmed the exact number of devices affected by this issue. The company also notes that technicians focus only on solving display-related problems, not other problems with the equipment. Please note that this program also does not extend the warranty on the device.

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