Apple has started cleaning up the App Store and removing old apps

Apple’s App Store is one of its main markets and an excellent source of revenue. It is dedicated to the applications of its operating systems and seems to focus more on iOS both by itself and by programmers.

This app store is now going through a cleaning and sanitation cycle, and many apps will be removed. Apple wants to eliminate parents and has already begun to warn programmers about this possibility and the moment.

As with any app store, the App Store has a wide variety of suggestions that were simply rejected. Apple wants to end this scenario, and therefore will have a very important cleanup underway soon.

Alerts arrived in the last few days, and they understand emails come to programmers with apps from the App Store. This message is clear and gives these developers a 30-day threat to renew their apps in the Play Store.

The reason why Apple takes this position is very simple and even logical. It complains that the Arrows apps look discarded and haven’t been updated in over three years, so programmers have to renew them.

This seems to be Apple's new obligation to developers, who are therefore required to apply any changes / news to their applications. Only then can they keep their suggestions in the Apple Store.

Interestingly, those who don’t make this change won’t lose their app in the App Store. They will only be removed from new iPhone users because they will remain available to anyone who has already downloaded them at least once.

Many developers do not understand the change because their applications will continue to work without change. Nevertheless, they have to update their proposals, otherwise they will lose their application and the high visibility that most people need.

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