CPFL readers confirm action against Aedes aegypt in Americana


From May, the company’s employees will provide information on possible mosquito breeding sites for surveillance.

Author: João Colosalle

April 24, 2022 at 8:20 am

CPFL readers help the American Health Surveillance Unit identify properties that pose a risk of spreading Aedes aegypt, a mosquito that causes dengue fever.

This year, a partnership to fight the disease again in the city was signed last week. The joint action is expected to start on 2 May.

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According to the municipality of Americana, readers do not have the role of visitors because they do not step into the backyard. The suggestion is that when reading power clocks and whenever possible, they will be able to observe the environment around the property in general and look for places with favorable conditions for mosquito breeding.

Once the risk has been identified, a code is generated when the clock is read and the CPFL forwards the addresses to the control unit, which is responsible for on-site inspections. In addition to the information. Readers will also leave a pamphlet prepared by the municipality on the property, which contains general instructions on dengue fever.

The meeting decided that Uvisa will train readers to pass on information to the PMCD (Municipal Dengue Control Program).

“The CPFL is already doing this in some municipalities in São Paulo, and the data will help the municipal dengue surveillance teams. It is a collaboration that will allow the real estate overview to be expanded,” said Antônio Jorge da Silva Gomes, City Hall’s Environmental Monitoring Coordinator.

The aim of the partnership between Antônio Donizetti Borges, the leader of Uvisa, is to strengthen and unite our efforts in a fight that belongs to us all. “At a time when we are experiencing a dengue epidemic, this partnership is combining efforts in the fight against mosquito-borne mosquitoes across society,” he said.

NUMEROT. Up-to-date data from the prefecture show that there were 982 cases and three confirmed deaths from dengue fever in the Americas last week. To curb the new epidemic, the administration says it will set up a task force that will visit 1,200 properties a day. A company that has agreed to fight is involved in the operation.

Despite the high number of dengue fever in 2022, the number of dengue in the municipality is less than in epidemic years, as in 2014 (9 thousand cases) and 2015 (7.3 thousand). However, the months between March and May are essential to monitor the behavior of the disease here.

During the epidemic years, 2014 and 2015, April was a time of peak pollution, which turned out to be late in 2019. That year, when the last major epidemic in the city, 4,500 cases, peaked. in May.

How was dengue fever born in America 30 years ago?

dengue symptoms

Symptoms include fever, general exhaustion, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain, back pain, fatigue, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

The battle of mosquitoes

Aedes aegypti is a domestic mosquito. It lives indoors and close to people. According to daily habits, the mosquito (female only) basically feeds human blood, mainly at dawn and dusk to reproduce. Reproduction takes place in clean or dirty stagnant water, which is laid by females. The eggs are placed in water and divided into several breeding sites.

Some measures will help prevent the spread of mosquitoes:

  • Cover the pools and water tank
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Always leave the bottles upside down
  • Keep bins well covered.
  • Leave the drains clean and apply to the screen surface
  • Clean weekly or fill pots with sand
  • Clean pet water containers with a brush or sponge
  • Remove any water that has accumulated in the service area behind the washing machine

Source: Ministry of Health

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