Cycling: PJ arrested the sports director of the W52-FC Porto in an anti-doping operation

Two people were arrested by the police as a result of an operation to detect illicit methods and illegal substances at professional cycling events.

According to information gathered by TVI / CNN, one of those arrested is N52 Ribeiro, the sports director of W52-FC Porto, who did not arrive at the start of Stage 3 of the “O Jogo” Grand Prix this Sunday.

In a statement issued this Sunday, PJ says prosecutors were involved in the two arrests that led to the two arrests mentioned above, and several dozen home searches and searches were conducted in several different areas of the country. managers, athletes and facilities.

“Various substances and clinical instruments used in the training of athletes that affected their sports performance were seized during the investigation,” the document said, adding that “there were a total of about 120 units in the police operation. The North and Central and South National Anti-Corruption Units The forensic departments of Vila Real and Guarda also cooperated with the Portuguese Anti-Doping Authority.

Detainees are present at the first judicial interrogation in order to apply the coercive measures deemed necessary. The investigation continues in secret.

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