Elon Musk clashes with Bill Gates over the stock market position against Tesla

Elon Musk is known for his extreme actions and positions in defending Tesla and its other businesses. He often encounters those who oppose his accomplishments and is inevitable in these moments.

Your collisions are known regardless of the person or company causing them. The latest victim appears to be known as Bill Gates, who has asked for support for charity dedicated to climate change.

It is not known how this situation came to light, but information about the conversation that Elon Musk has had with the founder of Microsoft has now been revealed. Bill Gates has exchanged messages with the creator of Tesla, and the end result has not been as expected.

Published by @WholeMarsBlog, the messages resulting from the request for support for action on climate change were known. The aid did not progress because Bill Gates has a stock market position that alleges the loss of Tesla's results.

When the creator of Microsoft faced Elon Musk’s question about his 500 million “short position,” he had to admit its existence. Elon Musk then responded quickly and was very critical of Bill Gates.

According to Elon Musk, the position of charity activities against climate change could not be taken seriously. By betting on Tesla’s fall in results and the company defending the climate with its electric cars, it went against the basic idea of ​​its operations.

The origin of these images is unknown, but Elon Musk himself has confirmed their veracity. In response to the original tweet, he also revealed that he knew Bill Gates had this position, which was public, and therefore he asked Microsoft a strong man about this position.

Elon Musk later published this to incite controversy new tweet where I played with Bill Gates. This seems to be a resolved situation, but it shows that even the richest men on the planet are confronting and provoking each other to try to solve their problems.

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