Gran Turismo 7 will get 3 new cars next week

Gran Turismo 7 will receive a new upgrade next week and 3 new cars will be added.

The creator of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi, shared a picture on Twitter showing the outline of the 3 cars and saying a new update is coming.

Yamauchi confirmed that an update will arrive this week and the silhouettes of the three cars will serve fans as they try to guess what’s new on the way to the game.

Gran Turismo 7 will be serviced tomorrow and when the servers are active again, an update should be available and cars available to players.

This is the first update to Gran Turismo 7 since Polyphony Digital introduced premium fixes, which came after harsh criticism from the gaming community.

Yamauchi assured that this would only be the first step towards improving Gran Turismo 7 and that the near future will be marked by new content.

These first three cars seem to be just the beginning of new content on the road, including new features like selling your cars.

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