Halo Infinite – What does a 2022 shooter look like?

343 Industries share road map in Halo Infinite 2022, and the team says it will focus primarily on improving certain aspects that can also improve the player experience and, of course, finalize and deliver season 2 May 3.

In a published publication site Halo official, the team says they know that “need to deliver more content faster“but sometimes also”it is necessary to slow down so that the team stays healthy and can accelerate in the future“, which the team has tried to do.

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The Halo Infinite team also says they want to deliver the Forge mode tools as soon as possible and explains that they have already done so to a limited group. testers and that instead of extending the testing phase to a wider audience, the next step in Forge mode is a open trial and that the status after this beta phase will continue to grow and improve over time.

at road map now shared it is possible to observe that season 2 lasts until November 7th and November 8th to reach season 3.

Joseph Staten, Creative de Halo Infiniteexplains that “the focus will continue to improve the player experience and that, starting April 27, the game’s official Twitch (or YouTube channel) will allow fans to learn more about the second season of the game, including “stories” of new events in the game. multiplayerr ”.

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It is also important to mention that open trial Forge mode is expected to take place in September and early cooperative online in campaign mode is expected at the end of August. Of course, these dates are not yet final, but 2022 is expected to be a good year Halo Infinite.


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