Minas is studying human rabies in an 11-year-old child; 4th case in the state

The Minas Gerais State Department of Health today confirmed the investigation of the fourth suspected human rabies in the state. According to João Paulo II Children’s Hospital in Belo Horizonte, the 11-year-old girl is in a stable condition.

The girl lives in the Maxacal Indigenous Protected Area in the town of Bertópolis in the Mucur Valley, where two other cases of human rabies were reported: a 12-year-old boy who died on April 4, and the same girl. aged, in hospital since 5 April.

Both had the same reactions after the bite of the spreading disease. Some of the symptoms of human rabies include malaise, fever, headache, nausea, sore throat, irritability, and feeling anxious.

The third suspect was reported to the State Ministry of Health on April 17 when a 5-year-old boy died in the village of Pradinho, an indigenous protection area in Bertópolis.

According to an official memorandum from the Secretariat, a fourth suspected human rabies was reported on Thursday (21). The 11-year-old girl still has “non-specific symptoms such as fever and headache”.

“Reasoned for his kinship in another confirmed case, he was reported as a suspect and sent to a referral hospital where laboratory samples were taken,” the ministry said. “The patient remains in the clinical bed, stable and under observation.”

To prevent further infections, a technical team from the Secretariat traveled to the Bertópolis countryside on Thursday to help with case investigations and prevention measures.

According to the folder, it supplied the area with dogs and cats with a vaccine and human rabies serum as well as a rabies vaccine. Thanks to the arrival of the group, it would have been possible to identify the girl now being observed.

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