Semus warns parents of importance of immunizing vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella

Following the publication of a technical report by the Ministry of Health (MS) 8th National Health Care Workers Monitoring and Vaccination Campaign, the Ministry of Health in Palmas (Semus) warns parents against the importance of the vaccine. measles, mumps and rubella. These diseases can be prevented with a vaccine available from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Health Network.

According to the report, Brazil reported 39,342 cases of measles and 40 deaths from 2018 (reintroduction of the virus) by 2021. The document also says that by the 8th epidemiological week this year, Brazil had confirmed nine cases, eight in Amapá and one in São Paulo.

The Semus Health Inspectorate reports that no cases of measles have been reported in the capital, but has a register of suspected and confirmed cases of mumps and chickenpox (chickenpox). “These are vaccine-preventable diseases and could be avoided by vaccination,” notes Hugo Botelho, director of Municipal Cold Network Central (Cemurf), reporting that over the past 10 years, health authorities have seen consecutive reductions in vaccination targets. Parents.

Botelho says that even if several strategies were implemented, Palmas ’MMR vaccine coverage target of 95% has dropped since 2019, when it registered 81.72% with the first dose; In 2020, the proportion of those vaccinated was 80.19% and last year in 2021 71.13%.

According to Hugo, new records of diseases deemed eradicated in Brazil, such as measles itself, are related to the low commitment of many parents not to vaccinate their children. “Recurrence of these diseases is a response to the lack of vaccinations. Vaccination is just necessary to prevent an increase in cases, as it controls the incidence of diseases and should be taken even in the absence of recent cases or outbreaks,” he warns.


Alexandre Janotti, an infectologist at the Public Health Network, says that in addition to mumps and measles, the MMR vaccine also vaccinates against rubella, an acute and highly contagious viral disease that poses a high risk, especially to pregnant women, causing numerous complications. for mother and child.

“These three pathologies, because they are viral aspects, have no cure, so vaccination is the best way to prevent them. To prevent the development of these diseases and their possible health effects.

when to take

Nurse Hugo Botelho confirms that the MMR vaccine should be given in two doses, the first at 12 months of age and the second at 15-24 months of age. After two weeks of use, protection begins and the effect should last a lifetime. According to him, the Ministry of Health may direct the implementation of an additional dose in the event of an outbreak of some of the diseases covered by the vaccine.

The Unified Health System (SUS) offers MMR for free. In Palmas, residents can search for one of the family health units listed below.

Units available Monday through Friday

8-12 p.m.

USF Arno 71 (603 North)

USF Francisco Júnior Arso 41 (403 South)

USF Ass 82 (806 South)

USF Bela Vista

USF Arso 111 (1,103 South)

USF Taquari

USF Santa Barbara

USF Morada do Sol


USF Arno 41 (403 North)

USF Arno 42 (405 North)

USF Arne 64 (508 North)

USF Deise de Fátima, Ass 13 (108 South)

USF Ass 122 (1,206 South)

USF Novo Horizonte

USF Santa Fe

8 am-5pm

USF Liberdade

USF Eugênio Pinheiro, Aureny I

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