Sonic Origins arrives in June

Authors: TudoCelular

Sega has finally revealed the details behind the four-game remastered Sonic Origins of the legendary Sonic character. As the company reports, in addition to the new remastered and updated look of existing consoles, Sonic Origins is offering players new achievements, a wide range of collectibles, animated shorts and even new game modes.

The developers also revealed that in Sonic Origins, players can choose between either the traditional mode or the new mode, released as a way to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the franchise.

In Classic mode, players have access to a very loyal version of games that even have the original aspect ratio. Anniversary mode, on the other hand, offers a full-screen experience and endless lives, so the player doesn’t have to worry so much about their performance but just focus on having fun.

The new Sonic Origins collection will also allow franchise fans to play Sonic, Tails or Knuckles characters in all four games.

In addition to the first three Sonic games, the Sonic CD game will also be in the new remastered collection, which is the fourth and final game available in this new version.

There is still no more information about the changes in this new version of the Sonic CD, even if it has new game modes, like the other three games in the collection.

SEGA has also announced the release date of the new title, which is due out on June 23 this year. However, the collection is now pre-orderable on all platforms.

Sonic Origins will be released for Xbox and PlayStation as well as Nintendo Switch and PC.

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