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Posted at 5:20 this Sunday (24)

The municipality of Serra Talhada has stepped up efforts to combat and control arboviruses (dengue, Zika and Chikungunya) in the first half of 2022. And on Friday (22nd) the campaign “There will be no good weather for Aedes Aegypt” arrived in Bairro. Cohab, through clean-up work, active mosquito colony search, extermination, and population control through the Cohab I health team.

The campaign was carried out throughout the municipality and had already passed through the districts of Vila Bela, Cagep, Bom Jesus, São Cristóvão, Mutirão, Caxixola, Ipsep, Vila Militar and Centro, in addition to the districts of Caiçarinha da Penha and Varzinha. , Bernardo Vieira and Santana.

Activities coordinated by the municipal health agency consist of preventing the spread of the virus, focusing care, publishing magazines, lectures in schools and health units, and routine home visits by endemic agents. The Department of Public Services and the Municipal Environmental Agency (AMMA) as well as the support of the Education Agency are also involved.

“Once again, we are in case of arboviruses as dengue, zika and Chikungunya reports increase, so we ask the population to help us fight Aedes Aegypt, don’t leave stagnant water at home, don’t throw the ruins on the streets because the latest epidemic shows a very high incidence of epidemics in homes and vacant lots, and without the contribution of society, cases tend to increase, ”warned Health Minister Lisbeth Rosa Lima.

The secretary also directs the population to see a doctor immediately after the first symptoms. “When a person develops suspicious symptoms of dengue, chikungunya or zikavirus, they should seek the reference health unit or the nearest health center for the unit to report and if the case is positive, the Surveillance Team must close within 380 degrees of the patient’s home,” he noted.

Number of cases – As of 12 April, the municipality of Serra Talhada had registered 30 confirmed cases of dengue fever and 64 under investigation; 02 confirmed Zika cases and 05 pending; and 07 confirmed cases of Chikungunya and 12 under investigation.

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