THE BALL – Sliman’s case forces the market to rethink (Sporting)

Go back to the design of the Sporting version 2022/2023, which since January the SAD administration has been working with sports director Hugo Viana and head coach Rúben Amorim.

The divorce, which is clear at this point, between the coach and Islam Sliman, an Algerian international striker hired in January and whose contract runs until June 2023 and includes a second year option, currently leads to a leonine structure. the plan to attack the transfer market, which had already been outlined and was only awaiting confirmation of its presence in the group stage of the Champions League, was postponed in order to move forward with effective forms.

Now, in addition to the central defender, midfielder and winger, the SAD administration is now examining the design of the Sporting offensive front for the next season. Something that was a closed topic in the structure until now: Paulinho and Sliman would definitely be accompanied by Rodrigo Ribeiro, promoted from the formation.

Yesterday, as well as the day before, when the Dragão owners made a return and the unused worked at the behest of Rúben Amorim, Slimani was not present with the group at Alcochet. According to data collected by A BOLA, the Algerian repeated his presence at the Academy, but was given indications to work out in the gym.

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