THE BALL – “United locker room is a disaster” (Manchester United)

Ralf Rangnick admits to his disappointment at Manchester United’s locker room after the second loss – 1 to 3 against Emirates this Saturday – but refuses to see it as a “disaster”, as former player and commentator Paul Scholes said, citing the recent defeat. a private conversation with Jesse Lingard, whose contract is coming to an end at the age of 29 and who should leave the club he joined at the age of 7.

“I quickly talked to Jesse a few days ago. I’m sure he won’t care if I say the locker room is a disaster, ”Scholes said in a comment on DAZN.

The German coach, who will be replaced by Dutchman Erik Ten Hag at the end of the season, was left with a comment. “I don’t know, they have to ask Jesse if they have this information. Of course in today’s games or against Liverpool it’s a big disappointment, it’s normal. I wish the problem was something else, but it’s normal. I think all the players are doing well. get along, I don’t see any relationship issues, ”he said, although he admitted that the relegation of the Champions League against Atlético Madrid“ destroyed ”the team and that the players are difficult to motivate. four games left ..

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