The largest particle accelerator in the country was restarted

The large hadron collision, considered the country’s largest particle accelerator, was restarted on Friday (22nd) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), near Geneva in Switzerland.

The equipment was shut down for three years for maintenance and upgrades and was re-commissioned to launch Run 3, the third scientific competition at the LHC, which will run until 2024. Run 1 took place in 2009–2013 and the second race from 2015-2018.


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The plan is to shut down the particle accelerator in 2024 for further upgrades and reactivate it in 2028 as a High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider.

“The machinery and equipment were significantly improved during the second long outage of the CERN accelerator complex. The LHC itself has undergone an extensive consolidation program and is now operating at greater capacity, providing significant information for upgraded LHC tests due to major improvements to the injector complex,” said CERN. chief technology officer. Mike Lamont, in his statement on Friday (22.

“The LHC itself has gone through an extensive consolidation program and is now operating at even greater power, and with significant improvements to the injector complex, it provides significantly more information for updated LHC trials.”

27 kilometers from the LHC were fired to inject two proton beams in opposite directions at an energy level of 450 billion electron volts. Scientists say the goal is to reach 13.6 trillion electron volts in this third race.

“These rays circulate in energy injection and contained a relatively small amount of protons. Strong and energetic collisions are months away. They represent a successful restart of the accelerator after a long period of hard work,” explained Rhodri Jones, Director of the Radiation Department at CERN.

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