UBS in the northern zone of Teresina is promoting measles vaccination on D-Day this Saturday; check list Piauí

Thirteen primary health units (UBS) in the northern region of Teresina are advertising D-Day for measles vaccination this Saturday (23rd). The aim is to warn the population about this highly contagious disease and increase the vaccination coverage of the capital to 40%.

The current vaccination schedule includes two doses of the vaccine: a dose of MMR or MMR (to protect against measles, mumps and rubella) at 12 months of age and a dose of tetravirus or SCRV (against measles, mumps, rubella and rubella) at 15 months of age.

The low coverage of measles vaccine is a concern for the Piauí authorities

However, the Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) advises that a person who has an inadequate vaccination program or suspects that he or she has taken the measles vaccine can seek the nearest primary health unit (BHU).

Emanuele Dias, coordinator of the Teresina vaccination campaign, explained that the official measles vaccination day at the Ministry of Health will not be held until next Saturday (30). However, the UBS in the northern zone decided to anticipate the measure as a warning to the population.

“Nurses are cleaning up neighborhoods in the northern zone of the capital due to an increase in cases of dengue fever and took the opportunity to promote Day D against measles. Doses may search for the nearest UBS,” informed

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The Ministry of Health of the State of Piauí (Sesapi) is monitoring two suspected cases of measles. Patients are a two-year-old child and an adult from São Miguel do Tapuio. In 2019, three cases were recorded in the state and there was a measles epidemic in the country.

Check the list of measles vaccines:

  1. UBS Adelino Matos – Vila São Francisco
  2. UBS Adriana Valadares – Buenos Aires
  3. UBS Cecy Fortes – For now
  4. UBS Cidade Verde – Rua Lucidio Freitas
  5. UBS Jacinta Andrade I – Rua José Xavier Batista
  6. UBS Karla Ivana – Rua Riachuelo
  7. UBS Mafrense – Rui Barbosa Street
  8. UBS Memorare – Rua Isaac Irineu
  9. UBS Monte Verde – Avenida Amadeus Paulo
  10. UBS Nova Brasília – Rua Anísio Pires
  11. UBS Nova Teresina – Jango Avenue
  12. UBS Antônio Noronha De Pessoa Filho – Parque Brasil
  13. Manoel Ayres Neto Park – Wall Ferraz Park

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