Understand why Free Fire is thriving all over the world

The game was downloaded more than 24 million times in January this year alone

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It is one of the most downloaded games for mobile phones today. Several countries, such as Portugal and Brazil, are surrounded by a legion of fans, and Free Fire continues to be great entertainment for all ages.

According to Betway alone, in January 2022, Battle Royale has been downloaded 24 million times. It’s also worth noting that many players have been watching the game since its release in 2017. In other words, FF’s success continues to grow. Next, understand some of the reasons that make the Legion of Players grow every month!

Works on most smartphones

While Free Fire is a game with good graphics and a lot of adventure, it doesn’t require advanced equipment to operate. Current versions take up about 270MB on Android and 460MB on iPhone. This makes it playable even on older mobile phones.

Also, when the player is not in a Wi-Fi location, there is no problem. The game does not consume much mobile data like other applications.

short matches

Imagine playing between some train stations without worrying about the game ending. In Free Fire it is possible. Matches are short and dynamic, but that doesn’t mean they are simple. Everyone who has played FF knows that getting ahead requires a lot of attention and strategy.

The game has up to 10 minute rounds that can be shared by up to 50 players simultaneously. In other popular games, the reality is different. For example, in PUBG Mobile, each game lasts up to thirty minutes and has up to 100 competitors.

easy to play

The other positive side of Garena’s game is that it’s easy to play. Free Firen aims to be the last person on the map. To do this, it is necessary to shoot opponents. It is worth noting that ammunition is the same for all types of weapons.

Regardless of the level of the user, whether he is a beginner or an experienced one, the goal is the same. What changes is a scenario that becomes a little more challenging with each new phase.

Several updates

Anyone who believes that Free Fire will stop on time is wrong. Like competitors, the game is always updated to remain appealing to the public. Since 2018, Garena has released new skins for players every month.

The game also often gets new features that make it more interesting and challenging. This includes new areas on the map, weapons, specialty products, and more.

How to find out the time spent with Free Firen

Due to the success of Free Firen, Betway conducted this survey about the time spent with Battle Royale. The study looked at the time a person plays Free Fire and compared it to other activities such as traveling, series and music.

First, it’s important to know how long you’ve been in Free Firefox. It’s pretty simple, do this step by step:

  • Use Facebook;
  • Go to Settings in the top right bar;
  • Access settings and privacy;
  • Click Settings;
  • Enter Applications & Sites and search for Free Fire.

Ready! From there, it is possible to know because you have installed the game. Thus, a player can make a hypothetical calculation to understand what the value of the participant he is. It works like this: if a person has been in the game for a year, they have 8760 hours available. If he used a third of his playing time, it would be 2920, for example.

According to a Betway poll, this person would have a Diamond value that is one of the highest. Studies show that those who spend about 3,050 hours could spend the same amount on other activities, such as playing The Witcher 17 times, listening to Pink Floyd’s The Echoes 7,957 times, beating Call of Duty Black Ops III 388 times, and even making a trip. To Japan knowing the route of the 88 temples and learning about Japan.

The study divided the audience into existing ranks in the game: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, champion and challenger. While it is joking in nature, it serves to reflect on the passage of time and various forms of leisure, in addition, of course, to the popular Free Fire!

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