Vaccination against influenza is below expectations in Tubarão

The Tubarão Municipal Health Foundation in the south of the state announced this week that flu vaccinations in the city are lower than expected.

According to the agency, the campaign began on April 4, about six thousand doses were used and at least 22 thousand doses would be expected. Thus, in this first phase, it reached only 27.2% of the target audience, which includes the elderly and health care workers.

Influenza vaccinations much lower than expected in Tubarão – Photo: Public Photos / Disclosure / ND

“It’s weird that we had many cases of influenza and H3N2 between late December and early January, which we’ve never seen before, because flu cases usually increase in May-August, the months when temperatures are milder. And yet people don’t look for a vaccine.” , points out Daisson Trevisol, director of the municipal health foundation.

Trevisol also points out that the vaccine is up-to-date and effective against the H3N2 virus.

There are 4,267 elderly people vaccinated so far, representing 22.2 percent of the population. 50.9% of healthcare workers were vaccinated, corresponding to 1,657 doses.

The city emphasizes the importance of vaccinations

The municipality of Tubarão confirms the importance of receiving a dose of the vaccine for the public. Healthcare professionals who want to be vaccinated must prove a connection with a company in the field or present a document proving their performance in the field, including registration with a professional council.

The campaigns will run through UBS (Basic Health Units), Central Policlínica and the Saúde Mais Perto de Você bus program until 3 June.

You can find vaccine room addresses or vaccination bus schedules at

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