BALL – Bruno Lage does not give up on Europe (Wolverhampton)

Nine points away from places that give access to European competitions, Bruno Lage maintains his goal of raising Wolverhampton to international competitions, although Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are opponents in the final period of the season.

“Given our style of play and the number of opportunities we create, if we scored more goals and watched as opponents lose points, we should be in a different place in the standings. The ultimate goal is to put Wolves in European competitions,” “difficult to achieve” goal.

“Burnley are fighting for maintenance and the other teams are fighting for a Premier League win. Chelsea wants to keep third place. Every game is a challenge. Manchester United and West Ham also lost, but it doesn’t matter if we can’t win our games.

In addition to Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, Wolverhampton also have Brighton and Norwich as opponents in these last five Premier League matches.

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