Bernardo Sousa is the winner of the “Big Brother Famous” award. Marco Costa is in second place – Big Brother

The audience decided and Bernardo Sousa is the big winner of “Big Brother Famosos.” It received 64 percent of the audience vote and Marco Costa received 36 percent, thus winning the silver medal in the challenge. Bernardo Sousa will take ten thousand euros for the final prize.

The rally driver burst into tears after hearing the news, as did his family, who was waiting for him in the audience. While checking, he returned to his loved ones after congratulating him on friends and also some of his former rivals.

Third place went to Bruna Gomes, who collected 13% of the vote. Daniel Kenedy followed with 5% of the vote. Vanessa Silva reached the same percentage and placed fifth. Fernando Semedo was the first to receive one percent of the vote.

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