Greenpeace blocked Russian oil tanker for several hours in Norway – News

“Twenty people who disobeyed police orders were arrested,” Norwegian police said in a statement after deciding on Greenpeace’s activities, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Ust Luga, registered in Hong Kong and leased by the Russian oil group Novatek, is transporting 95,000 tonnes of kerosene to the Esso terminal in Åsgårdstrand in south-eastern Norway, Greenpeace said in a statement.

According to the Marine Traffic website, the tanker was born in a Russian city near St. Petersburg, from which it takes its name.

Twenty Greenpeace activists in the speedboat chained themselves to their chains, while others in the kayaks opened signs that read “Oil Fuels War,” according to the NGO.

According to the AFP, some militants were stopped by police before they took part.

“I am shocked that Norway is behaving like a Russian oil port when we know it is financing the Russian war. [Vladimir] Putin, ”the Russian president said today Frode Pleym, Norwegian director of Greenpeace, quoted in the statement.

According to an Esso Norwegian spokesman, the shipment in question is not subject to sanctions imposed by the West on Russia’s invasion of Russia.

“The order was placed before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” spokeswoman Anne Fougner told Dagbladet, adding that Esso Norway “no longer has any purchase agreements with Russia.”

Although not a member of the European Union (EU), Norway applied almost all the sanctions imposed on Moscow by 27 countries as of 18 March.

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