Just play! The best games of 2022 are coming

We live in late April and are approaching the best releases of the year, such as Dolmenia, a Brazilian role-playing game developed by Massive Work Studio and Gotham Knights, which arrives in the second half of 2022. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important games to be released later this year.

Just play! The best games of 2022 are coming

Nintendo Switch Sports – 29.4

The classic Wii Sports comes to life with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s new sports game brings with it an already familiar modality, such as tennis, bowling and boxing, as well as some new ones, such as football, badminton and volleyball. It is possible to play with other people locally or online. A unique game for the Nintendo Switch.

Hiking to Yomi – 5.5

The game takes place in feudal Japan, where players experience the story of a samurai who vowed to protect everyone he loved and his city from all threats. for the game PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PS4 and PS5.

Dolmen – 20.5

Developed by Massive Work Studio, the Brazilian game is an action and science role-playing game played in a third person. The mission of the players is to unlock the secrets of the Dolmen Crystal and the Vahani alien species living in the Revion Prime. Game for PC, Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – 6/10

Of course, Nintendo had to create a version of “FIFA,” and Mario and his gang couldn’t be left out. The Japanese developer already had a “game test”, which was one of the Super Mario Party mini-games where players had to score the maximum number of goals in a short time. And Mario Strikers takes the player to play games without rules and with their favorite characters. And another highlight is that the language of the game is Brazilian Portuguese. For Nintendo Switch only.

Sonic Origins – 23.6

It is a collection of remastered classic games from the franchise series, including Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD. The collection will feature additional features, new facilities and unprecedented content. At hand Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PS4 and PS5.

Digimon Survive – 29.7 (Japan)

So far, the date only applies to Japan, and no release date has yet been set for the West. It is a strategy and narrative-centric role-playing game with several endings depending on the choice of the players. Gaming takes place alternately, as is usual in Japanese games. In addition, the visuals of the game are manga-style. At hand Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – 29.7

The new game in the developer Monolith Soft series has an exciting story with Noah and Mio facing the chaos of the hostile peoples of Agnus and Keves. Players can control teams of six characters and fight creatures on open world maps. At hand Nintendo Switch.

Saints Row – 23.8

As a restart, the game offers more customization mechanics, weapons, vehicles, items, and more. In the game, a group of young people embark on a criminal adventure in Santo Ileso. At hand PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PS4 and PS5.

Splatoon 3 – 09/09

One of Nintendo’s classics is back, and after a long wait, fans will get a long-awaited sequel to the franchise series. The game has a story mode and multiplayer for up to eight players. At hand Nintendo Switch.

Gotham Knights – 25.10

The game takes place in a world where Bat of Gotham is dead and Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood defend the city from the rise of crime. At hand PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X, PS4 and PS5.

Starfield – 11/11

While there’s not much information yet about the game, the Xbox Game Studio and Bethesda release promises a space adventure with RPG mechanics, narrative selection systems, and realistic graphics. At hand PC and Xbox Series S | X.

STALKER 2: The Heart of Chernobyl – 12.8

A survival horror game where the player has a more open world, a realistic visual immersion created with Unreal Engine 5 and a non-linear story. At hand PC and Xbox Series S | X.

There are still other games to be released this year, but no date has yet been set for them, such as: God of War: Ragnarok, Bayonetta 3, Hogwarts Legacy and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

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