News from France and the region

Franca has already vaccinated 15,297 seniors aged 60 and older against the flu. The flu vaccination campaign began on March 26 and has progressed according to the Ministry of Health schedule.

Elderly people over the age of 80 were vaccinated at earlier stages. Later turned 70 years old and at the current time 60 years old. In the state of São Paulo, vaccination against the flu will begin on May 2 for children over 6 months and under 5 years of age, as well as for pregnant women and women who have given birth.

In addition to this target audience, the campaign involves indigenous peoples, public and private school education professionals, people with disabilities or comorbidities, security forces, rescue and armed forces, truck drivers, road transport workers, dock workers, the prison system and the general public. deprived of liberty.

In Franca, the current population is still aged 60 and over, and the vaccine can be found in the primary health units of Ângela Rosa, Planalto, Santa Terezinha, Santa Clara, Estação, Progresso, Leporace, Aeroporto 1 and Aeroporto 1. Brasilândia. The service is Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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