Rui Costa on display and the stadium painted red

Five years later, RB Salzburg’s Austrian opponents are once again in a decisive game, with coach Luís Castro relying on striker Henrique Araújo.

Benfica has her fourth chance to win a youth league in Nyon, Switzerland this afternoon. After finals on 14 April 2014, 24 April 2017 and 25 August 2020, where they lost to Barcelona (0-3), Red Bull Salzburg (1-2) and Real Madrid (2-3), five years later the Red Team faces the Austrian team again and tries to repeat the achievement of FC Porto, which won the trophy on April 29, 2019, winning the Chelsea final 3-1 with goals from Fábio Vieira, Diogo Queirós and Afonso. Sousa.

In a game played against the Austrians five years ago, Rúben Dias, João Félix, Gedson Fernandes, Florentino Luís and Diogo Gonçalves appeared on the Red team.

This afternoon, coach Luís Castron predicted to be “another great game against an awesome team”. “We’ve played eight finals so far. After the first game of the group stage [derrota com o Dínamo Kiev] we had to beat them all if we wanted to stay in the race. If there was a Malapata, we certainly wouldn’t be here. This is the second final, “the coach pointed out in advance in the Nyon final, where he has spearhead Henrique Araújo, who is the B-team’s top scorer in Liga 2 and has already scored in four matches.

“Everything is important. Henrique [Araújo] is one more, come help. We have a lot of quality in Benfica, Henrique is one of the players who can play in the competition and he is in good shape, “he said of the striker who started in the 2020 final against Real Madrid, a game with three more players. Araújo started, replaced by midfielder Martim Neto at the end and goalkeeper Samuel Soares, who was now penalized for deportation against Juventus, remained unused.

The coach, who lost the final against Real Madrid in 2020 – after João Tralhão also didn’t win a trophy in 2014 and 2017 – believes older players like Tomás Araújo and Martim Neto will continue to play at this level.

“I don’t think it’s the end of the road, it’s part of the process and they still have such a long way to go that this can’t be the end of anything. We’re talking about players with more games at this level in the future, and I hope it’s Benfica “Then there will come a time when not Benfica but Portuguese football will be able to hold them back,” he stressed.

The coach who has worked at Benfica since 2019 has worked with players of all levels, acknowledging his impact on collective performance.

“If I said otherwise, it would be ridiculous. Obviously, if a coach has the whole group for a long time, it’s easier because if they’ve played 30 games together, they’re regulating some details on the field themselves and it’s clear that playing the way they do always together, bring them benefits [ao Salzburgo]. But we have a lot of quality. Our project is very different from Salzburg. Hire players from the age of 16 to a very high value. There are some where he spent four million, three million, “he pointed out.

“It’s different for us. Virtually the whole group that is here comes from below – there are two or three exceptions – and they have a lot of quality. There was a lot of work there. final for all. “

António Silva did not care about the promise of a competitor’s goal scorer

Born in Viseu, António Silva is currently experiencing some great moments after he moved to Benfica at the age of 12. “We are looking forward to the start of the final. It is very important for Benfica, who has been in this final but has not been able to win. We will complete the Game Plan we outlined in the rehearsals,” the center promised. -back, ignoring Roko Simic’s promise – he scored twice in the semi-finals – to be the top scorer in the competition and score goals in the final.

“That’s his opinion. He’s a good player, that’s why he’s in the finals and he has his goal, but the most important thing is the team,” he said, trusting striker Henrique Araújo to “help” Benfica. “He’s a player with a lot of games and goals in League II. He’s going to help and for Benfica,” he muses.

Rui Costa is back with Nyon

Rui Costa is on the under-19 team again today. As in the semi-finals against Juventus, the President of Benfica will take part in the final of the Youth League against Salzburg. Rui Costa returned to Portugal after a game with the Italians, was in Luz to see a 0-0 draw with Famalicão and today he returns to Nyon, where he hopes to celebrate again as against Juventus.

Again the stadium painted red

As in the other finals, Benfica fans painted Colovray Stadium in Nyon red. This was the case with Juventus and will be the case again with RB Salzburg. “We always have huge support here in Switzerland. The fans were very important,” coach Luís Castro said. “In the finals, I hope they support more, give the extra because we give the extra, too,” he assured.


Eagles in the final with one loss

On the way to the finals, the eagles lost to the Kiev Dynamo at the beginning of the group stage and handed over to Juventus in the semi-finals. The Austrians lost to Lille and Seville in the group stage and completed a penalty shootout against eight against Zilina.

Benfica with the most goals in the curriculum

The difference between the goals scored and the goals scored is not significant. Benfica has 23 accurate shots and eight wells, while RB Salzburgo scored 19 (minus four) and fired just seven.

Simicia is chased by a red trio

The list of top scorers is led by two Midtjylland players Simsir and Hansen with seven goals. Simic RB from Salzburg will be followed by a trio of six Benfica fans. Pedro Santos, Diego Moreira and Luís Semedo scored four goals.

Two reds and many yellow ones

Looking at the disciplinary table, Benfica’s players have seen 15 yellow cards and two reds, a record that today’s opponent clearly exceeds already 26 yellow cards.

Three technicians in eight tests

Benfica took part in eight races that started in the 2013/14 season (the 2020/21 campaign was canceled due to the pandemic) and reached three finals. João Tralhão led the team in the first two losses to Barcelona (13/14) and RB Salzburg (16/17), and the current one, Luís Castro, occupied the last loss with Real Madrid (19/20). . In the meantime, Renato Paiva was in command during the 2018/19 season.

The game record holder arrives … from Seixal

In today’s final, Benfica will set a competition record in the number of games (70), one more than Real Madrid. The Eagles also lead with Chelsea in the finals in the number four.

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