THE BALL – “Luis Díaz is dangerous, exceptional and has adapted quickly” (Liverpool)

Virgil Van Dijk, a 30-year-old Dutch defender from Liverpool, now in fifth red, has surrendered to FC Porto’s Diogo Jotan club in the winter market for the talent and performance of Colombian winger Luis Díaz.

The central defender, one of the untouchables of German coach Jürgen Klopp, emphasized the player’s ability to attack. And a quick adaptation to the Anfield Society.

– He is a very dangerous player who is able to produce very dangerous moments with his creativity. And he’s only been here for two months … Normally, the adjustment time is hard, but he’s an exceptional and great person, ”he said.

And it went further.

“He was able to put his quality on the team very quickly,” he added in an interview with the Spanish agency EFE.

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