The Ryzen 7000 chips in AMD’s AM5 connector should only support DDR5 RAM

THE OMG should launch its platforms with an AM5 connector in the second half of this year, and upgrades may need to replace more than just the motherboard and processor in order to use the new ones. Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” 5nm chip.

According to Tom’s Hardware, future platforms used in the new product line will not support older RAM formats, is only compatible with DDR5 modules.

“We have confirmed from several supply chain sources that the X670 and B650 AM5 platforms only support DDR5 memory, which should affect the pricing of AMD’s future Zen 4 processors,” the website said.

If this information is confirmed, interested users a mandatory transition to a new generation of RAM technology is neededwhich is still in its infancy and is considered expensive compared to the DDR4 standard.

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Still involved Tom’s Hardware, AMD also changed the design of the chipset AM5 motherboards and some models have two chipsets. However, it is unclear whether the Ryzen 7000 memory drivers support DDR4.

Rumor has it that the X670 and B650 motherboards don’t support the old standard, but AMD may have only designs entry-level A-series motherboards to support DDR4 memorywhich seems unlikely, it is worth considering.

Choosing AMD to support only DDR5 in AM5 could be a drawback compared to the 13th generation Intel’s Raptor Lake, which should support both DDR4 and DDR5 memoriesalthough the manufacturer recommends using the latest generation.

It is officially known that the AM5 platform supports technologies such as PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, but DDR4 has not been confirmed as an option. Ryzen 7000 processors are expected to hit stores in late 2022.

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