Will the prize money be given to Marie? Bernardo Sousa clarifies the promise

While attending Big Brother Famosos, Bernardo Sousa promised that if he wins, he will give the prize money to Marie to improve her career and image.

In a conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha this Monday, April 25, the pilot was “confronted” with this promise: “Do you like the idea of ​​giving the prize to Marie? When you knew Marie wanted to give an award to the department, did you tell me here?“, the presenter asked.

Bernardo Sousa, for his part, began by clarifying: “I still haven’t gotten this information, I made this mention yesterday when I got the check, I pointed it out. I wanted to invest in Marie’s career and strengthen Marie’s image because I think she is an unusual person, there is a lot of prejudice about Marie’s person and character outside of any social layer.“.

I had this prejudice myself and luckily I saw something different and I wanted to reinforce it so we could try to get rid of this prejudice“, admitted the pilot who responded that Marie wanted to hand over the prize money to the institution:”Institutions I have a lot to give. I do charity, I help a lot of people, but I don’t use any kind of social communication to brag about it, I do it in silence.“.

I thought I might be a good help to Marie. The money is handed over to my agent, it is in the possession of outsiders, I have nothing to do with it. Its purpose is to strengthen Marie if she doesn’t want to …“decided the winner of Big Brother Famosos.

Watch the video here.

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