A town on the coast of Paraná is asking for help in fighting dengue fever

The number of dengue cases in Paraná increased by almost 40 percent per week. According to the State Ministry of Health, 6,000 new confirmations were received, which is 39% more than in the previous week. In front of the scenario, the prefecture of Pontal do Paraná on the state coast sent an alert to the population asking for help in fighting the disease.

Photo: Venilton Kuchler / Arquivo SESA

The prefecture reported that health authorities were stepping up inspections in the apartments. As a result, it is imperative that the population grant permission to enter and follow the instructions given in the letter.

Figures in the weekly dengue report show that probable and confirmed cases exceed expectations for the epidemiological period – which is why the epidemic scenario was published last Tuesday (19).

Tips for fighting dengue fever

1. Pay attention to potted plants. Add sand to the edges of the boards to prevent water from accumulating. Alternatively, wash them once a week with soap and a brush.

2. Get rid of objects that collect water. Give the right destination for cans, bottles, pots, rings, and other items that can serve as a breeding ground, and choose recycling whenever possible.

3. Store the bottles correctly. If you want to store bottles and other objects that may accumulate water, keep them covered or upside down.

4. Avoid contamination of gutters and water tanks. Gutters should be kept clean and free of leaves and twigs, while the water tank should always be well covered.

5. Disinfect water-retaining containers. For example, tanks, barrels and vats used for storing rainwater must be covered and disinfected weekly with a brush and soap. Swimming pools should be treated with chlorine.

6. Be careful with debris. Tie the bags tightly and put them in the trash out of the reach of the animals. Do not throw rubbish in the abandoned land.

7. Wear personal protective equipment. Collective protection measures can be carefully supplemented, such as the use of repellent and insecticides, the installation of mosquito nets and curtains on doors and windows, and the preference for long-sleeved clothing.


The first symptoms of dengue are nonspecific and include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, red spots on the skin, and pain in the joints and muscles, making it difficult to distinguish this disease from other ailments. Therefore, in addition to being able to identify the Aedes aegypti mosquito and take preventive measures, it is important to be aware of the symptoms and seek first aid if necessary.


Pontal do Paraná City Hall receives reports and complaints related to dengue fever. You can register at the Health Ombudsman’s whatsapp on (41) 99238 1454.

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