BALL – “I was told if I didn’t win FC Porto” (Paris Saint-Germain)

Carlo Ancelotti recalled his difficult relationship with the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain as he coached the team (2011-2013). As an example, he recalled the “posts” before the match with FC Porto from the Champions League.

“I liked the project, but in my second year, they weren’t very happy with me. Once in a Champions League match against FC Porto, when we were already through (in the 16th semifinals), they told me that if I didn’t win, I would be fired, ”the Italian coach told the channel in a statement. Movistar +.

The “threat” that made Ancelott make the decision: “I told them I didn’t understand why they told me so. This broke the trust and in February I decided I wanted to leave even though they even wanted a new contract.

For the 2012/13 season, PSG faced FC Porto in the group stage of the Champions League when they won 2-1 at home and lost to Dragão 0-1. Both teams advanced to the next stage. FC Porto soon fell from Málaga, PSG fell in the next round against Barcelona,

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