BALL – Luís Filipe Vieira Schmidt: “There are Portuguese coaches who would serve perfectly” (Benfica)

The former president of Benfica spoke on Monday about the arrival of Roger Schmidt from Germany to succeed Nélson Veríssimo as coach of the Reds. Luís Filipe Vieira’s bet should be Portuguese.

“If the president chose, he knows, but I believe there are Portuguese coaches who would serve Benfica perfectly, not least because they understand Portuguese football better than any foreign coach,” Luís Filipe Vieira said in a statement to CMTV.

The former president of the Reds did not want to go any further to reflect on the team’s campaign this season and referred these questions to Rui Costa, but he always fired: “I don’t think any Benfica fan should be happy this year.”

Vieira praised, yes, the victory of the under-19 team in the youth league. “It was a project that started on September 22, 2006, when the internship center opened. That is when this new era began, and today I believe that we are a reality in Europe in terms of education. But not only in these times one should talk about education, but also every day. It has been a formation that has had great financial results and has freed Benfica from the privileged position it has in terms of assets, “he said, noting:

“I am very happy with this title, which should be a source of pride for all Benfica fans. I think it is also very important for Portuguese football, because FC Porto has also won this championship and maybe Sporting also has the ability to achieve it. It just praises the line-up, and that’s where Portuguese football should go.

still left a barb Rui Costa: “Honestly, the merits of winning the youth league belong only to the coaches and players, because [Rui Costa] he has passed through Seixal … As far as I know, Ruin’s influence in Seixal has been virtually non-existent for all years.

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