BALL – Tomás Araújo and the conquest of the youth league: “They said we were the worst team in the world” (Benfica)

One of the most experienced, Tomás Araújo was a defensive mainstay for Benfica, which won the Youth League last Monday in Salzburg (6-0). with the conversation BTVThe 19-year-old center recalled the start of the trip and the defeat against the Kiev Dynamo (0-4) in the first round of the group stage.

– We started very badly and they said we were the worst team in the world. It was this feeling of anger and frustration that made us come back and we have won every game since it started to be the finale, “he described as he spoke of the celebration:” It was an outburst of emotion and a sense of accomplishment. “

Finally, Tomás Araújo also recalled the reception the team received when they arrived in Lisbon.

– We saw familiar faces and asked to stop the bus to party with them, but it was not possible. We are always happy with this support from the fans, ”he concluded.

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