Cláudio Ramos is concerned about Pedro Teixeira, who explains: “This is a lie …”

This Tuesday, April 26, TVI’s programs will celebrate its first year “The feast is a feast”.

at ‘2-10’Cláudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Moniz received Pedro Teixeira and Ana Guiomar, two of the protagonists of the soap opera.

At one point, the presenter confessed to Pedro Teixeira: “When it comes to adulthood, I’m a little worried about you. Because I care about people “.

“Not you (Ana Guiomar), you’re slim. But you (Pedro Teixeira) are gaining weight a little bit. How are you going to do it now because your stomach is part of Tomé. You’re changing your body to give life…” he added.

Pedro Teixeira, who gave life to Tomé, denied: “This is a lie. No, it’s a lie. What happened then, about a month before the soap opera started, I even practiced making a cover version with Pedro Lucas. I got an athletic body.”.

“But I broke my rib, I stopped practicing, Covid came and how I stopped practicing … and then I’m either 8 or 80. Either I’m on a strict diet or pizza and everything and more. I started, gained some weight and when I came to practice soap opera, we thought it was “It’s funny that Tomé may have a small stomach. At first I put my stomach out and now it’s in it.” – clarified.

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