David Carreira assumes he has already been deceived and encounters, “And have you already been deceived?”

This Tuesday, April 26, David Carreira answered dozens of questions on TVI’s website. The singer answered all the most personal questions directly.

Netizens asked and David Carreira replied. There are a total of 39 questions, namely “How was your first kiss?” or “What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?”are examples of unlikely issues.

David Carreira did not shy away from any problem. There was one that stood out: “Have you ever been deceived?”. The singer replied: “Ahh, yeah!” After this theme, the artist still faced: “And have you already cheated?” to which he replied without looking at the cameras: “No”.

The singer also revealed her first kiss “It happened with Patricia, in one of those summer dances that had the first kiss behind the church.”

Watch the full video here.

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