Embu das Artes has 4 confirmed cases of dengue fever; efforts to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito continue

Embu das Artes will continue to work to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which spreads dengue fever, zika and chikungunya. Since the beginning of the year, local health and endemic agents have conducted more than 50,000 home inspections in various suburbs of the city. To date, 138 water tanks have been sealed.

According to the health department of Embu das Artes, there are currently 34 reported cases of dengue fever in the city, four of which have been confirmed in Jd areas. Independência, Santa Tereza and Santo Eduardo, twelve abandoned and eighteen under analysis.

The Department of Health reaffirms the importance of all co-operation in the control of diseases, the avoidance of stagnant water sources – 80% of nesting sites are in residential and commercial premises – and also informs the Zoonoses Control Center (tel. 0800 773 0005) of possible mosquitoes. on vacant land and empty real estate.

Symptoms of dengue, zika and Chikungunya – fever, pain in the joints of the body and back of the eyes, and very tired. It can cause redness and diarrhea of ​​the skin. In case of doubt, it is recommended that the patient rest, drink plenty of fluids, do not take painkillers and fever without a prescription, and seek UBS.

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