Environmental Health Surveillance is investigating the outbreak of dengue mosquitoes in Caxias

During this week, the Environmental Health Inspectorate of Caxias do Sul will carry out the second edition of a rapid survey of the Aedes aegypti (LIRAa) index in 2022. This is a sampling method that observes the rate and density of infection in buildings in the controlled increase. and which are the predominant breeding sites for incetti.

An outbreak of 566 dengue mosquitoes in Caxias do Sul has so far been reported in 2022, in addition to 12 confirmed cases, three of which are original and nine of which are imported. Of the 12 who had the disease, nine needed hospitalization, and two of them were still in this ward until Monday: one in the ward and one in the intensive care unit.

LIRA is implemented four times a year in accordance with the target agreed in federal law. Blocks are drawn and all levels of the city are inspected for infection levels. The Environmental Inspectorate asks the population to accept substances that are active in the control of endemic diseases, which are identified by a uniform and a mark.

“We keep the same vigilance that we’ve been doing for months so that the entire population can help by taking a few minutes a day to look carefully at the terrace of their house and see if there is any water accumulating there. get to multiply, ”emphasizes Sandra Tonet, technical director of Environmental Health Surveillance.

SMS also directs people with dengue symptoms to seek medical attention, which is essential to identify and treat potential new cases. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, headache and diarrhea behind the eyes, some of which are similar to Covid-19. Red rash, vomiting and bleeding may also occur.

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