“I lost leaving him here with his feet …”

Rui Oliveira Nunes “knocked on the door” last Friday, April 22, when she announced she was leaving her husband Manuel Luís Goucha’s program on TVI’s afternoons.

On Friday afternoons, a friend who was dragged into a new recipe studio revealed that he was leaving: “I also have to announce that this is the last time I come here to the program […] I thank everyone who followed me throughout this period for the messages I received, which were awesome, and the generous way in which they received me very affectionately on the streets. Great team, thank you all for the way they took care of me…“He started by acknowledging.

The news left the Followers deserted, and a follower wrote in the commentary for Rui Oliveira Nunes: “Cristinalle [Ferreira] must have done her”. Manuel Luís Goucha’s husband put a “liking” on the comment, leading to speculation as to whether TVI’s “mother-in-law” had anything to do with the departure.

This Tuesday afternoon, April 26, Cristina Ferreira spoke on the subject with her companion this afternoon and added a cover to the magazine covers this week: “I’m just warning you not to buy the magazines that appear tomorrow that put me between the two and I have nothing to do with this.”begins with an explanation.

“It’s really not, Cristina is not to blame for anything, because Rui is the one, she decides, it’s decided,” threw Manuel Luís Goucha. “I did wrong to leave you here with your feet …“replies Cristina Ferreira amused.

“Tomorrow the magazine is not worth buying because the cover is a lie”shot Manuel Luís Goucha, who added: “The cover says something Rui said here tooWell, as a provocation two months ago, it joined the gala because he wasn’t invited to the gala. “

“Rui is the biggest. I really like Rye and you a lot,” added Cristina Ferreira.

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