“Married at first glance,” Dina reveals, “It was very difficult. Recovery still costs money.”

dinaSIC Program Participant Married at first sightwas the last guest Julia Pinheiro this Tuesday afternoon, April 26th. The young woman from Braga reacted for the first time to the controversies she had to engage in during the program.

Is the competitor you got married to Tiagohas betrayed his wife during her honeymoon and maintained some kind of relationship with this person, even though she had assured Dina otherwise.

In the final gala of the program, where the duo decided to end the experience, the contestant has realized that this relationship continued through social networks, motivating him to retire.

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It was very hard. Living it again costs money“, he admitted after seeing pictures of the last episodes of the program.

He didn’t know I had noticed it. I had to swallow hard and pretend nothing was wrong. (…) I suggested that everything was fine. I was so exposed and humiliated… it was a way to reveal everything I experienced and felt.. (…) If I spoke privately, he would deny everything. “was revealed.

I never expected this result. What happened was also hard to put up with, but I thought things would get better“, he also admitted about the honeymoon.

Dina Guedes spoke to the woman she was betrayed with: “She was the one who told me”

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