Mia Rose and Miguel Cristovinho celebrate their son’s birthday: “The first four years of life”

Last Sunday, April 24, was celebrated Mia Rose and Miguel Cristovinho. Mateus, the son of a former couple, turned four years old. The date that “brazen” parents marked on social media.

“Four years ago today you changed my life. You gave it a real purpose. Meaning. Thinking of you makes me smile and growing up has been a wonderful adventure. The day you were born was the best day of my life and every day since has been a blessing to you. I am very proud to be your mother.wrote in the caption of several photo plates taken with the boy.

Miguel Cristovinho, for his part, emphasized “the first four of life” and parted the time between the father and the son.

It is remembered that the two artists exchanged rings in September 2017 and welcomed little Matthew less than a year later. In July 2020, they announced their resignation.

Instagram, DR

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