Oliver Stone. “Putin, whom I knew, is not a murderer whom the media represents and compares to Hitler,” – Observer said

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movie director Oliver Stone, who previously argued with the Russian president, used Twitter to defend Vladimir Putin. “The man I met has nothing to do with the madness, irresponsibility and murderousness that the media now portrays when compared to Hitler and Stalin,” he said, asking if Russia was really to blame for the Buchan massacre.

Following the massacre in the city, which has been blamed on the Russian military, Stone has published several publications on his position on the war in Ukraine, in which he seems to agree with some of Moscow’s claims to justify the conflict.

This Tuesday, the filmmaker touched on the theme again when presenting a documentary he made in Barcelona about the assassination of President Kennedy. Stone defended Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he interviewed several times for The Putin Interviews in 2017.

According to El País, Stone guarantees that the Putin he met at the time will not be the same as the leader now portrayed by the media. “The man I met has nothing to do with the madness, irresponsibility and murder that the media is now portraying when compared to Hitler and Stalin,” he said, adding: “Putin, whom I knew, was a rational, peaceful, always acting in the interests of the Russian people, a true son of Russia.”.

This is not the first time Oliver Stone has spoken on the subject. On February 26, two days after the start of the attack on Ukraine, he blamed twitter newspapers hiding important information about the conflict.


“The hysteria of all this Western media, shouting‘ bloody murder ’against #Putin, omitting important facts whenever they are uncomfortable, is important to understand the full spectrum of events,” he said.

But it wasn’t until March that Stone went further and clarified his stance on the conflict and what he thought is its origins. “While the United States has many wars of conscience, it does not justify Putin’s attack on Ukraine,” he begins, stating in a three-part publication on social media that he admits that “Russia did wrong in attacking.” country, Ukraine.

He explains that Russia’s mistake was to underestimate the resistance of the Ukrainians, the European reaction to the attack and the power of NATO. But it also raises the question: “How could Putin have saved the Russian-speaking people of Donetsk and Lugansk?” This has been one of the arguments used by the Kremlin to justify the attack.

For Oliver Stone, the United States is not innocent and has its share of responsibility for Putin falling into the “trap” of the Americans and endangering its armed forces.

“I think Putin has probably given up on the West, and that will take us closer than ever to the final incident,” he says. And who will benefit from this? According to the filmmaker, Russia’s enemies, those who have dreamed of it for years: “Biden, Pentagon, CIA, EU, NATO, traditional media.”

Recently, Oliver Stone has questioned the Buchan massacre accused by the Russian military and suggested to his followers twitter look for alternative sources of information.

In the publication, Oliver Stone shares a link to the War on Fakes page, which is accused of misinformation in which he claims that satellite images of the dead on the road are fake.

Stone has already had time to interview the Russian president in The Putin Interviews. During the four periods, various relations between the United States and Russia will be discussed.

The filmmaker has already been controversial about his closeness to Putin. In an interview with the Russian president in 2019, he even asked her to haunt his 22-year-old daughter, although it is not known if that ever happened.

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