One of Elon Musk’s biggest competitors has already reacted to the purchase of Twitter

JThe CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin, and also Eff Bezos, considered Elon Musk’s biggest competitor, questioned on Twitter whether the Chinese government is gaining any advantage on the social network now that the platform is now owned by an entrepreneur.

Bezos referred to a “tweet” shared by a New York Times reporter highlighting Elon Musk’s various commercial interests in China, raising the possibility that the Chinese government could benefit from a digital platform.

“My answer to my own question probably isn’t,” Bezos writes. “The most likely outcome in this regard is Tesla’s complexity in China rather than Twitter censorship.”

Despite being a competitor, Bezos took the opportunity to praise Elon Musk’s ability to “reconcile in this type of complex situation,” which expressed confidence in the entrepreneur’s leadership.

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