POCO Watch is official! Cheap smart watch with 14 days autonomy

In addition to the new POCO F4 GT smartphone, the Xiaomi Universe company unveiled its first smart watch today. As rumors pointed out, here we finally get to know POCO Watch.

It is an affordable watch that is packed with features that all point to this type of device. Its main selling point is the set price 79 €.

POCO Watch is a simple but valid watch

For the first wristwatch, POCO opted for a square design, like many of Xiaom’s more affordable smart watches. It has a plastic case for a lightweight product, which is well visible in its 31 gram weight.

The POCO Watch screen is AMOLED technology and has dimensions of 1.6 inches and a resolution of 360 x 320 pixels. Here we have a good time using its body with very smaller margins, which gives it more reward.

As it otherwise could not be, the POCO Watch is coming to market full of features related to sports and the health of its users. In fact, the company claims that this is a smart watch designed for sports enthusiasts.

In fact, we have support for monitoring more than 100 sports activities. The inclusion of a GPS connection in the POCO Watch makes it an ideal accessory on the wrist for outdoor jogging or hiking. It also has a 5 ATM resistor.

POCO clock

If you are most concerned about your health, POCO Watch will be able to analyze the most popular parameters of this niche. The watch has a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and sleep monitoring.

POCO Watch promises 14 days of continuous use

Another advantage of this POCO Watch is its impressive autonomy. According to information revealed by the brand, its first smart watch is 14 days of autonomy.

POCO argues that this level can be achieved in many different uses. This means you can use POCO Watch without having to prevent yourself from using some of its features for greater autonomy.

The POCO Watch will be available in blue, black and white. The sale price is only 79 euros.

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