Russia warns of the “real danger” of World War III.

On the day the Russian military announced it had hit about 100 targets in Ukraine, including railway facilities in the center of the country in an attempt to stop the country’s arms supplies, Sergueï Lavrov accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk of “pretending” to talk. With Moscow.

“He’s a good actor (…) if you look closely and read carefully what he says, you’ll find a thousand contradictions,” Lavrov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

“But we will continue to negotiate with the team [ucraniana] and these contacts will continue, “he said.

Amid unprecedented tensions between Moscow and the West over the war in Ukraine, Lavrov warned of the danger of World War III.

“The danger is serious, it’s real, we can’t underestimate it”considered.

The statements were issued the day after US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Kiev, where they met Zelensky, the first visit by US officials since the start of the conflict, on 24 February.

After the trip, Lloyd Austin, considered that Ukraine could win the war against Russia if it had the right equipment and support.

“The first thing to win is to believe that you can win. And them [ucranianos] they are confident they can win, “the U.S. Secretary of Defense told reporters.

Zelenski presented to the US representatives an action plan to strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation Prepared by an international group of experts Yermak-McFaul, established on the initiative of the President of Ukraine himself.

In particular, the plan proposes extending sanctions against Russia to include oil and gas, transportation, new economic bans and additional restrictions on Russian state-owned companies.

It also refers to the recognition of Russia as a terrorist state.

At a meeting with Zelensky, two leading U.S. decision – makers said that US approves $ 713 million (€ 661 million) in foreign military funding for Ukraine and 15 Allies and Partners.

Of this amount, Ukraine will receive $ 322 million (€ 299 million) in foreign military funding and $ 165 million (€ 153 million) in ammunition.

The rest will be shared between NATO members and other countries that have provided military support to Kiev since the beginning of the war.

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