Samsung will unveil new technologies for televisions at Media Forum 2022

THE Samsung released more information about it today, April 26th a new portfolio for televisions and audio at Media Forum 2022, which emphasizes the technology, features and innovations of the new product line. The Media Forum sessions, formerly known as Tech Seminars, have served as one platform to provide in-depth information and hands-on experience with new products. This year’s global webinar is the third event of its kind to be attended by six different subsidiaries and will run from April 11th to May 16th, 2022.

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K is the highlight of the event

Between 11 April and 16 May Samsung will host virtual sessions at the Media Forum to discuss the event’s “star” Neo QLED 8K, MICRO LED, gaming with the new Smart Hub, audio devices and Samsung’s award-winning Lifestyle portfolio.

In line with the vision “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone“(” Screens Everywhere, Screens for Everyone “, direct translation), Samsung brings new technologies to the 2022 range that allow connectivity with multiple devices Televisions and monitors as a central hub combined lifestyle.

Watch the latest news on Samsung TVs and audio series products

  • Neo QLED 8K – Highlight of the event, line Neo QLED 8K comes with a panel Quantum Mini LED and a nerve processor Neo Quantum 8K state-of-the-art technology with extended neural networks, 14-bit contrast mapping with artificial intelligence technology and scaling capabilities. New Smart Hub Samsung is also offering users a new interface.
  • Ultimate Experience for Games – The new Gaming Hub is a gaming streaming platform that combines hardware and software to provide a seamless gaming experience. new line Neo QLED 2022 It also comes with specifications and features such as HDMI 2.1 compatible ports, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144 Hz, ultra-wide screen and game menu, and automatic game modeo, make games more powerful and easier to use to make the gaming experience rhythmic and simplified.

  • Lifestyle Portfolio – Samsung’s Lifestyle TV range is equipped with the latest technologies and smart solutions to optimize the user experience. Features and applications such as Comfort mode for vision and intelligent calibrationdesigned to offer one of the best more comfortable viewing and accurately match users’ lifestyles and everyday needs, while new accessories offer unique features with personalized home screens.
  • Audio resources and equipment – Samsung’s 2022 audio features include the latest hardware and software updates that provide seamless synchronization between the TV and the Soundbar and provide an immersive audio experience with technology. Dolby Atmop. In addition soundbarit Samsung’s latest – like new Ultra Slim Soundbar and Q-Series– in addition Sound toweroffer users a range of options for a first-class sound experience, regardless of the environment and product location in the room.
  • Sustainability at its core – With its 2022 product portfolio, Samsung is systematically working to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate product recycling and minimize impacts during the production phase to ensure a greener future. New remote control included Solar cellwhich consumes energy from both light and radio frequencies, the 2022 product line has an updated packaging that uses 90% less ink than the previous series and removes all metal rivets.


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