The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is not part of the company’s plans

Although there have already been rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, new data negates its existence. According to new indications, this low-end peak may never be presented to a South Korean.

Dohyun Kim presents this thesis on Twitter with reference to South Korean sources. He is sure that Samsung will not even develop this smartphone.

It looks like the Galaxy S22 FE will not be released this year. No developer software can be found, nor can anything in its AP. This is a very similar situation as before the release of the Galaxy Note.

– Dohyun Kim (@ dohyun854) April 26, 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE has been canceled

First, it is important to stress that such information requires official confirmation from Samsung. Indeed, this apparent reversal of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE has only to be taken as a rumor, at least for now.

What is being presented to us shows the lack of information that suggests the development of this smartphone. Based on this scenario, the source says there is a high probability that Samsung will not present the Galaxy S22 FE.

The thesis is based on the fact that there are no references to the development of technology firmware in relation to the device. Something that should have already been noticed if a Korean company actually worked on this product.

The last ax will be addressed when Dohyun Kim says this is a very similar scenario to the Galaxy Note line. So this could be the end of a line of devices that reached its peak of success in 2020 with the release of the Galaxy S20 FE.

Despite the information now revealed, it is important to remember that there have been rumors in the past about a possible processor in the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE. The choice of MediaTek SoC was initially emphasized, which was later overturned in its favor. chip Exynos.

This uncertainty may already be a sign of accidents or uncertainties in the development of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE. However, it is still too early to take the end of this Android smartphone series for granted.

We have to wait carefully for more information about Samsung Galaxy S22 FE. I hope that all doubts about its existence can be dispelled soon.

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